Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim


Wonder how to mix denims? Don’t want to show up looking silly in a canadian tuxedo (sorry to our canadian friends that’s what we call it)? I decided to attempt the look of mixing denims. The first rule to mixing denims is to make sure the colors are different. This outfit works because the jacket is light and the jeans are dark. i.e  this chambray looking jacket with dark washed jeans. I kept this look very paired down with a simple grey tank, layered necklace, and peep toe heels. You could go  more “bold” with the look and add in a striped shirt or a bright color under the jacket. But just be sure to not get carried away, you are already mixing two different types of denims, the last thing you need is to add any more busy patterns.


My girlfriend Gwen got me this beautiful necklace for my birthday it is so simple and I love it! I love layering it with my other gold necklace creating more layers! Ladies, I suggest investing in a layered necklace. I took this one to Spain with me last week and it went from being worn with jeans and a tee to being paired with a black dress. It truly is the perfect necklace for travel and for summer! Thanks again GWEN!!


Look 2- There are a few subtle changes in this outfit. The shoes and statement necklace are the biggest ones. Mostly I wanted to take some photos of the magnolia tree blooming in our yard. It is so pretty I can’t help myself from taking a billion photos!


Speaking of more birthday love… my girlfriend Kari got me this statement necklace. I love pairing it with all this denim to create a little “fancier look”!

VX2A0837 VX2A0842

Shop This Look:

BB Dakota Jacket // Dark Jeans // Peep Toe Shoes // Layered Necklace  

Ok back to the blooming trees…. I have to share with you some of my iPhone photos! I have been walking around my neighborhood daily taking photos! I have snuck into peoples yards to get the perfect iPhone pic…. I probably look so silly, but oh well there is no shame in my game! The pictures are totally worth it.


I feel like the pictures don’t even do justice to how beautiful the trees are. I have never been a big lover of spring, I’ve always been a fall kinda girl. But I truly fell in love with spring this season. Mostly because I think this is the first time I’ve ever lived in a neighborhood where every single house has multiple flowering trees. I couldn’t get enough and neither can my poor mother. I think I send her 10 photos a day of these beautiful trees.

Cheers and Happy Friday,

Full Body Circuit Workout

When I was home for a visit a couple weeks ago I couldn’t get over how great my sister looked. She had lost quite a bit of weight and is the thinest I have seen her in years. She has been doing a women’s fitness group for a few months, so obviously I had to try it out while I was in town. I quickly found out how she got in such great shape, these classes are no joke!

There was one workout that I particularly liked that got me sweating like crazy. This is a workout I will do again and again. It doesn’t require any equipment so you could literally do it anywhere. The trainer was nice enough to let me steal it and share with all of you. If there are any moves you are not familiar with you can just google it.

Killer Workout

I can’t wait to go to more of these classes next time I am in town. If you are in the Tri-City area you should check them out. Sara Howell is the trainer and does an awesome job keeping you motivated and keeps the classes fun. For more information check out their website Washington Women’s Wolfpack  or visit their Facebook page.

See you there next time I am in town!


Throw Pillows and Blankets

So it is officially spring! The trees are blooming and it was nearly 70 degrees a few weeks ago….. but now the weather has turned back into rain and 50 degrees in Portland. With a trees abloom I can’t help but get into spring cleaning mode. With that comes changing out my throw pillows around the house. I love how changing the throw pillows and blankets can totally change the vibe of a room. I am a fan of throw pillow, thankfully I have a large shelving area in my guest room that allows me to store them. I can’t help but to pick up new ones almost every time I enter a Crate and Barrel, Target, Z Gallerie, or Pier 1! To demonstrate the changes throw pillows and blankets can make to a room I took some photos of different arrangements.

Winter Pillows: Agh as much as I hate to admit this…. my living room was totally coug colors….(crimson and grey) this winter. For our readers in Canada and around the globe, I’m referring to the my college rival the Washington State Cougars (and this is the school that Ang attended)! I went to the college on the other side of the state, University of Washington and we are rivals.  So having a Coug colored living room is a bit hard for me and my entire Husky family. BUT I’ll admit it…. the cougs have a good color scheme. And let’s face it a purple and gold living room would just look ridiculous. VX2A0346

I also have a few different throws that I drape over the back of the couch, it adds and changes the look of the room as well.   VX2A0351

Spring Pillows: I got these at Target this winter, I have been just waiting to use them. I love the feather one! I also love the added color they bring to the room that isn’t represented as seen in the blue, mint green, and yellow. This spring I also went away from the crimson color and embraced more of a true red. VX2A0336

I picked up this lumbar pillow at the same time. I love mixing different patterns and prints. This is an example of a lot of mixing, I think it works well because the designs of the pillows are very simple. If you tried to mix too many patterns and colors it would be a major fail. So try to stick to simple patterns if you want to bring in more color.


Changing It Up: While I was taking some photos I decided to play around with the different pillows. This is the fun of having a ton of throw pillows you can mix and match. Whenever you are feeling tired of your living room, simply changing around the pillows in the room can make a big difference. I am not staying all of these “work”, but I’m showing you how they change the vibe of the room. VX2A0357 VX2A0356 VX2A0360

Throws – Go back through the photos above, did you see how I not only changed the pillows but I also changed the throws. I love having throws that have texture instead of patterns and lots of color, as you can see I’m a big fan of the faux fur look! I have a basket next to the couch where I keep all my different throws. They work for not only changing the look of the sofa, but they are also great when you get a little chilly! VX2A0329

Now friends go hit up Target, Pier1, or crate and barrel and update your throw pillows and blankets in your living room. Here are few of my favorite pillows this spring!

Unknown 2898722_1


Pillow 1 // Pillow 2 // Pillow 3 // Pillow 4 

Cheers, Jess

Spring is almost here…right?!

The weather in Montreal has been anything but spring like, I am hoping/praying things turn around here soon. However, one benefit of being cooped up in the house is that it gives me plenty of time for online shopping. I put a list together of recent purchases and a few things currently in my cart that are getting me excited for the warmer weather. Spring Fashion

The pumps and white jeans I currently have. I love them both. If you are in need of some basic nude pumps these Steve Madden ones are perfect and at a decent price point. The distressed white Jeans I went ahead and splurged and got the Frame ones and so happy I did. They are sooo comfortable! Note, going up one size when buying white pants is always a good idea.

1. Nude Pumps  Splurge // Save

4. Distressed White Denim  Splurge // Save

After Jess’s post about her floral bomber jacket I decided I need a spring jacket, this one from Urban Outfitters is ideal for my style, I can’t wait to get it.

2. Bomber Jacket Splurge // Save

Super cute handbag…can never have enough of those.

3. Spring Hand Bag  Splurge // Save

I have been lusting over these Dita sunglasses for almost a year now. Not sure if I am going to bite the bullet and get them… maybe hint around to my hubby for a birthday gift.

5. Oversized Avaitors  Splurge // Save

Floral pants!! I am in love with these! This is the one piece I am probably most looking forward to wearing this spring.

6. Floral Pant Splurge // Save

Hope it is feeling more like spring where you are,


Ear Cuff and Hairstyles


I love a little ear cuff bling here and there! It really can add an edgy look to your traditional black jacket and graphic tee. I mostly love wearing it because I get to try different hair styles to show it off! I thought I’d put a little post together about the ear cuff and hairstyles that can compliment the cuff!

VX2A0943 VX2A0940

Side note I tried a more serious look… I looked plain silly. I can’t figure out all those closed mouth smiles and faces. Guess I need to spend some time taking some selfies. In full disclosure my husband ordered us a selfie stick  for our trip to Spain.. So if you follow C+S on instagram (you should be)… I’m sure you’ll be seeing some of those awesome selfie stick pictures. I’m so embarrassed to use it, I think I’m going to have to drink some Spainish wine before we bust it out!



The F+A shirt I’m wearing is still available online (here), I love this undershirt it’s a staple in my closet!

Let’s Shop Ear Cuff’s! All these options are under $50 and there a few are only $5 from forever 21. This is another example of a “trendy” style…  I don’t like to spend a lot of money on “trendy” styles as they come and go. This is why I love Zara, H+M, and Forever 21!

52289159-02 33687567_070_b024576999506_main32911109_007_b

Ear Cuff  1 // Ear Cuff 2  // Ear Cuff 3  // Ear Cuff 4 


Hairstyles- Here are some hairstyles to try with the ear cuff! I love the braided look. I also included some “simple looks”!

Beatnik-braid c82506fee3a70a18b249e44416d31cdf 042914-sophia-bush-jewelry-594 886627884a40a33878fabf266bdc74c7 3d8a77b51df2e19260ff2f354c9c1450




Persil ProClean : Sponsored Post

We were pretty excited when Persil ProClean wanted to send us some products to try out. Jess and I are both kind of clean freaks so trying out a cleaning product is right up our alley.


I usually have trouble finding a laundry detergent that works for me. I have very sensitive skin, it doesn’t take much for me to break out in a rash. I also am sensitive to strong smells, they often can trigger bad headaches. So when I first received the laundry detergent I was a bit nervous. So I started by washing my moms clothes and getting her opinion on the product and the smell. When she approved I thought it was safe for me to give at try. trio

I like that they have options in powder, liquid and pre measured pouches. I tried out each of the products, all with the same results. The clean was great, especially on my whites. The smell is a light clean sent and best of all I did not break out in a rash after wearing my washed clothes.  Benefits of each:

  • Power-Liquid: contains a powerful combination of stain-fighters that help break down stains.
  • Power-Pearls: An innovative new kind of detergent that is loaded with pro-white technology for dazzling whites. Also great for colors.
  • Power Caps: Pre-measured detergent capsule combines pro-lift stain removers plus a brightness formula for a great clean.


I really liked the look of the product as well. My old ditergent was big, bulky and bright orange! This is way more appealing to the eye and helped class up my laundry room a bit.

Persil ProClean is also launching an awesome sweepstakes! You have the opportunity to win a year supply of Persil and a premium night out on the town! This includes a $300 gift card, $200 gift card, and a $150 card credit. A second place winner will also receive a year supply of Presil. Visit to enter!

You can find these products in your Walmart stores. Hope you like them as much as we did…and good luck with that sweepstake!

Jess + Ang

Floral Bomber Jacket


I have been loving the bomber jacket look this Spring. I set out to find a bomber jacket fit for spring. With “current” trend I hate paying an arm and a leg, this is when once again Forever21 comes in handy. It’s a great way to test out the trend at a cheap price. This also doesn’t make be feel guilty if I only wear it a few times. Although I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this jacket more than a few times! I got a new camera a month ago and my brother in law’s girlfriend Linzy (a talented photographer) offered to give me a few lessons. She also was so kind to snap a few photos of me for the blog!



I love the fit and weight of this jacket and how casual it is. I paired it with a cotton tank top and some distressed jeans. To make it look a little “fancier” I added some open toed suede sandals. Even though the cut of the jacket is “sporty” the pattern is super feminine. I loved the softness of the pattern and the floral print. Floral prints can be overwhelming and bold but this one to me was perfect, almost a bit understand stated.


Every girl should own this color of purse in their closet, this camel brown color clutch goes with about everything. I also love it cause I can use it as an oversized clutch or it also has a strap to wear it as a cross body bag.


I added some statement earrings and my favorite rose gold watch!


Jacket // Jeans  // Heels // Watch



Photos By: Linzy Slusher

*Thanks again girl!

California Lovin

Last week I had the best vacation and soaked up lots of sun in California. Four of my girlfriends and I decided we all needed some R&R and some sunshine so off to Cali we went. Our home base was downtown LA but we ventured out to different areas daily.


The Canadians were in town so we got to go to the Anaheim and LA game. We lost but had a great time at the games. The LA game was our favorite. The rink is right in the middle of LA Live which is an awesome area with some great restaurants to grab a bite before or after the game. We grabbed sushi and drinks at Katsuya…so so good!


Im sure Carey loved having his own private cheering section at the games ;) Go Habs!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Outside of LA I think we all agreed that our favorite place was Santa Monica. The pier is beautiful and a fun spot.

IMG_0127 copy

We were struggling a little from the night before so we grabbed “Make your own Bloody Mary’s” at Del Frisco’s. They also had a great menu there. Worth stopping by for sure. After, it was nice to walk around the 3rd street promenade and do some shopping. And of course we had to catch the Canadians vs. Coyotes game so we hopped in to Barney’s Beanery, never knew I could have so much fun in a sports bar!

Our favorite night life spot had to be The Bungalow in Santa Monica though.


By far our favorite bar EVER! Set up just like a house with different rooms all with different vibes. I could have done an entire post on just how cool this place was.


We had a lot of fun out on the patio sitting next to the fire and even threw in a few rounds of pool. It felt just like a house party, you could even walk in to one of the rooms that had a fire place going with couples making out on the couch. Felt like I was back in high school a few times. You have to check it out if you are ever in the area!!

I can’t believe the trip is already over. I am heading back to Montreal today, I am excited to get home but will for sure be missing the warmth.




Frittata Recipe


This is my first attempt at a frittata, I must say it turned out well, minus grabbing the pan handle after taking it out the stove and burning my fingers. I currently am sitting writing this with burnt fingers resting on an ice cube. Ok back to the frittata.

My favorite type of omelet is a Denver omelet so why not try and Denver frittata. My  girlfriend Sarah had my husband and I over for breakfast recently and she made a frittata. She told me how easy it is to make, it was delicious, and it looked alot looks fancier than an omelet. It is also less work than a quiche and doesn’t have the crust so it’s a heather option. So the moral of the story is… it is easy to make, looks pretty, and healthy for you….. therefore I’ll be making frittata more often.


Jay has had some awful mornings the past few days, having to be at work by 6am. So that means waking up around 4am, so I thought I would make something he can warm up easily. Anything to save him a few minutes of sleep. I am so not a morning person so I know I’d appreciate a pre made breakfast.


1 tsp. extra-virgin olive oil

One bundle of Green Onions, chopped

1 Bell Pepper, Chopped

1/2 cup diced, cooked ham

8 eggs

1/4 Cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Salt and pepper

Topped With:




Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Whisk eggs and cheese in a  bowl and set aside.

In a ovenproof pan, heat olive oil on medium. Once oil is hot, add chopped green onion and bell peppers cook until soft, about 3-5 minutes. Add ham and cook for 1 minute. Add salt and pepper to taste, and stir.

Remove pan from heat and pour in whisked eggs. Place pan in the oven and bake for 12-14 minutes, or until the eggs are fully cooked. Remove from oven, loosen the sides with a spatula and place whole frittata onto a cutting board or plate.

Top with tomatoes and cilantro, slice into wedges and serve immediately.


This is the mean pan that burnt me. Make sure your pan is oven safe. This is a calphalon pan, I went online to see if it was oven safe. Their website was awesome telling you the heat your pan can withstand, this pan can go up to 425 degrees in the oven.


I really enjoyed this breakfast and the best part of is, is that the rest of in the fridge waiting for Jay and myself to warm it up tomorrow morning!





Graphic Tees


Jess and I were both in Tri this week so we got together for a little photo shoot. Jess just got a new camera so she practiced her photography skills on me. We didn’t have great weather but she still did pretty good and was able to get some great shots of one of my new favorite graphic T-shirts.


I have been so obsessed with graphic T-shirts lately! I love how they are cute and casual on their own but are also super easy to dress up a bit. They will be perfect this summer as well to pair with cut off shorts.


A cargo jacket is always an easy option to pair with a fun tee. The booties below were a random pick up at Zara and ended up being one of my favorite pairs of shoes for spring.


NOPE. T-shirt // Distressed White Denim // Green Cargo Jacket (similar) // Nude booties (similar)

Other Graphic T-shirts I love:

weekend loverSINR-WS10_V1LCMI-WS156_V1TLAU-WS70_V1

Weekend Lover  // Celfie  (cheaper option at Target) // I’m a Natural // USA Dream Babe 

Hope you all have a great weekend,


Daily Makeup Routine

Everyone has a different makeup routine. We both have recently been asked what kind of makeup we wear on a daily basis. You know the kind of makeup we quickly put on in the morning before running out the door. Ang and I wanted to share with you what we use daily. I personally am not one that can leave the house without having a little coverage, especially since I’m weird about the sun being on my face. Soapbox time…. ladies you should wear some type of SPF EVERYDAY!!! It is so important for your skin. You will be glad one day when you are wrinkle free. I use a lotion with SPF in it, but I feel like I still need a little extra something. That is where some BB or CC cream comes in handy, it gives you coverage AND has SPF in it. I try to always by a BB or CC cream with 30 SPF, we gotta keep our faces looking youthful for as long as we can!

My mom once told me that a little powder and mascara goes a long way. I believe this, I even wear a little BB cream and mascara to the gym. Because somehow I usually end up running a few errands after leaving. And we all know we look a little more presentable with some mascara on (especially if you have light eyelashes like me)! I also love to wear a lip gloss/conditioner. I have been using this one since I was in high school, I’m slightly addicted! It keeps your lips moisturized and gives them the little shine. Hope both of our simple makeup routines are helpful for you ladies!

Jess’s Daily Makeup Routine: 

You can find most of these items at the grocery store or Walgreens. I use a mascara primer that has a bit of a conditioner in it. I started using this a few months ago after I burned off my eyelashes taking something out of the oven. Note to self don’t stick your face in the oven, you will burn your eyelashes off!


Physical Formula CC Cream

Clinique Powder

NYC Bronzer

L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow (iced latte)

Lancome CIL Booster EX

Lancome High Definition Mascara

Smith’s Rosebud Salve

*not shown my sheer moisturizer SPF 30 and I often wear my Estee Lauder Automatice Eye Pencil 


Ang’s Makeup Routine:

My daily makeup routine is pretty simple and quick. If I don’t have time for everything I at least hit up the BB cream and mascara.

image1 copy 2

L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream

Kat Von D Powder (great cover!)

Anastasia Contour Kit

Stila waterproof liquid eye liner

Anastasia Brow Wiz Eyebrow Pencil

Cargo 3 Triple Action Mascara

Chanel Soleil Tan Sheer Illuminating Fluid

Urban Decay Setting Spray


Jess + Ang



The Best Make Up Mirror

I have the worst track record with makeup mirrors…in the store it looks great, good light and all that. But once I get it set up at home I am less than impressed. So I researched the crap out of different make up mirrors and everyone seemed to love the Simple Human mirror. The cost was pretty high, at $200 it is way more than I would normally spend so I kept looking. Not finding anything else that seemed to compare I finally broke down and ponied up the money. I have to tell you, it was worth every penny!


What makes the Simple Human Makeup Mirror so great:

  • Has a sensor so it automatically lights up when your face approaches.
  • Great light that simulates natural sunlight
  • Has LED lights that will keep working for years and years
  • Cordless, charges for 5 weeks at a time!
  • 5x magnification (the perfect number in my opinion)
  • 5 year warranty


I got mine from Bed Bath and Beyond a couple weeks ago and I can not get over how perfect this mirror is. If you can afford it I think it is a great investment. They also have a little travel one that I am thinking I may pick up as well!

Now that we have the right mirror, come back on Wednesday to see Jess and I’s daily makeup routines.



Skater Skirt

Agh my favorite time of the week…. Fashion Friday!! And this is one of my favorite backdrops ever!


Today is all about skirts, backpacks, floral shirts, and my favorite pair of shoes!  Skater skirts are such the trend right now. I have been seeing a lot of younger girls wearing them so I wanted to see if I could pull it of! Here is my attempt…..


I decided to pair this skater skirt with a long sleeve floral shirt and tights. It was a bit cold in Arizona and I wore this outfit out on the town, so I wanted to have something covering my legs and arms. I’m glad I did because my friend Liz and I got locked out of her house and ended up taking a cab to her boyfriend house and stood outside for awhile trying to wake him up… sorry Todd! You were a good sport:)

Ok back to the outfit, I think wearing a silk blouse with the skirt made it a bit more dressy. Last summer I did a post with a similar skirt and a graphic tee (seen here), that look was a bit more edgy and jazzed up. I wanted this look to be softer as we were having a dinner and drinks out in Scottsdale!

Ok less about the outfit now and more about this backdrop! This is right down the road from my parents house in Scottsdale! It is so beautiful.       redoutfit4redoutfit13redoutfit7

Now lets talk about this lip color. I love this Mac lipstick it is called Diva and it is my favorite color and happened to match my skirt perfectly. The past 6 months I’ve been into a bolder lip and this berry color tends to go with everything.


This was one of my favorite looks thus far and it was fun to get a little more dressed up than usual. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did!

Shop This Look:

Skirt // Floral Top // Toms // Backpack


Staying Organized While Traveling

So I am back in Washington now, and loving every sun filled day. It it is the simple things like walking out of a grocery store and not having to push a cart through a blizzard that just puts me in a good mood! I luckily had a pretty decent travel day too. My bags didn’t make it with me but they came the next  morning, so all is good. I travel quite a bit so it is important for me to stay organized, so I am going to share one of my favorite items to stay organized that I never travel without.

The Travel Grid-It Organizer


This is a woven grid of elastic bands that enables you to hold pretty much anything.

image2 copy

I got my Grid-It at the container store, and it has been awesome keeping all my cords and gadgets organized.

image1 copy

Everything here are doubles so I keep it just as is, even when I am not traveling. I keep it in a drawer so next time I am on the go I just throw it in my carry on.

What I keep in my Grid-It Organizer:

  • Wall cell phone charger
  • Cordless cell phone charger
  • Old iPod
  • Ipod charger
  • Extra headphones (I always travel with my nice ones, but keep a pair of cheap ones as back up)
  • Stereo plug cord (to connect Iphone to play music in hotels)
  • Thumb drive

It is so nice to always have everything you need and not having to make unnecessary purchases. If you travel lots then you should think about doing something similar.




Homemade Lip Scrub


After being in Vail for a week I came home with lips that were dry, cracking and needing some TLC. So I decided to make a lip scrub and see if that would do the trick. I looked up some different ideas to see what I could use. There are 1000 different items you could use, but I put together 3 simple items most people have in their cupboards and created this lip scrub.


Sugar In The Raw

Agave Nectar (or you could also use honey)

Coconut Oil

*a few drops of vanilla extract



Combine all 3 ingridents, make sure you have enough sugar and add in a little vanilla extract! Then let it sit for 20 minutes, having it sit for awhile allows it to become more of a paste. Then simply apply on your lips using your finger or a small toothbrush. Let sit for a few minutes then gently rub the scrub on the lips and allow all the dead skin to come off. Rise off and put on your favorite chap stick and viola! Smoothe lips!!


Needless to say my lips were very happy and I will be using this scrub often! As women we take care of our faces, but sometimes forget to take care of our lips. This scrub surely does the trick.