Revamp Your Fall Decor

It is OCTOBER! October is a big month for us, it my mom’s birthday, Jay’s 30th birthday, and our 1st wedding anniversary! Lot’s to celebrate this month. I also love decorating our house for fall. However, I was getting so over my fall decor I had bought a few years ago. It was time to spruce things up. This revamp cost about $20 so it’s an easy one and all you need to buy is some pumpkins and ribbon!


Updating My Lanterns: I had bought some lanterns a few years ago, I dress them up differently for different seasons. At Hobby Lobby I recently grabbed some new ribbon. Simply by adding a new ribbon bow it changed the look of the lantern.


I also added a pumpkin and some squash that I got at the grocery store yesterday. I took some glitter I had from other projects and had a little fun glittering them up!  I added a ribbon bow on the glittered pumpkin, I wanted to keep the bow theme that I have going.


I bought this wreath about 3 years ago I was getting tired of the colors, but I had some extra ribbon left over from my lanterns so I added some ribbon bows. I love how it changed the look entirely and ties everything together.


Fake Flowers For Fall: I love having flowers at my house all year long, but with my travel that isn’t always an option so I bought some silk flowers a few months ago. I also found these little pumpkins on sale for 60% off. I added them to my silk flower arrangement and now they are immediately transformed into fall flowers!


My house now feels like it’s officially fall! The best part is that I used items I already had and just updated them. This revamp was done for under $20. I can’t wait to add new ribbon next fall and change the look again! Happy October friends!





Cauliflower Pizza

I’m sure everyone has heard of Cauliflower Pizza. I don’t think you can log on to Pinterest with out seeing it at least once. I love the idea of it, such a great way to indulge with out the guilt. However, I have been attempting to make cauliflower pizza for over a year but have been less than impressed with the final results. The last few attempts I have been playing around with the recipe more and have finally gotten it right! I posted a picture of it on my personal Instagram and got flooded with requests for the recipe…so here it is!  prep

I found when I worked with the least amount of ingredients I had the best results. So go ahead and go crazy with the toppings, but keep it simple with the crust. Also note, I have used a food processor to break up the cauliflower in the past, but prefer to use a cheese grader. Which also makes for easier/faster cleanup.


What really made all the difference when making the curst was olive oil! Right before you put it in the oven brush the entire pizza with a light layer of the oil. This really helps to brown it and make it more of a true crust.


This is what it looks like right out of the oven. Mmmm, looks delicious even bare. From here you can add any toppings desired.

finishedpizza copy

I usually end up making a veggie pizza. I just cut up whatever I have in the fridge and then add a very light layer of cheese. My all time favorite topping is slow roasted tomatoes. I will add the recipe below.

Cauliflower Crust


1 large cauliflower
1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
1 egg, beated
1/2 cup egg whites
2 tsp dried oregano
1 Tbsp minced garlic
olive oil


Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
Break up the cauliflower in to small chunks. When it is still wrapped in its packaging I usually hit it against the table a few times, that usually breaks it up well enough. For the next step you can either use a cheese grader or a food processor to grate the cauliflower. If you use a food processor be careful not to over pulse or you will puree it. Place the graded cauliflower in the microwave for 8-10 minutes.
In a medium bowl, stir together the cauliflower, beaten egg, egg whites and mozzarella. Add oregano, minced garlic and mix well. Transfer the mixture to a cookie sheet covered in non-stick cooking spray. Use hand or baking spatula to flatten out in to a circle.  Pat in the edges to give it a clean round look.
Lastly, brush olive oil over the pizza crust before putting it in the oven.

I have a convection option on my oven, I like to use it while making this pizza crust. I let it cook for around 15 minutes, or until golden brown on top. If you do not have a convection oven, follow same baking directions, you will just have to let it bake a bit longer. It usually takes around 30 minutes in my oven.


Slow-Roasted Tomatoes


For a delicious topping….or even just for a yummy snack try out these slow roasted tomatoes. They take awhile to bake so be sure to try them while you are spending a few hours around the house. They keep in the fridge for around a week or so.


3 lb cherry or grape tomatoes, halved
8 Tbsp minced garlic
3 Tbsp olive oil
5 fresh thyme springs
salt and pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 275 degrees.
Gently toss the tomatoes with all ingredients until well coated. Evenly spread tomato halves on a rimmed baking sheet, lined with parchment paper. Roast until tomatoes start to dry around the edges, around 2 hours or so.

Hope you guys give the recipe a try….it won’t disappoint!


All About The Military Jacket

Ang wrote last week all about her fall wardrobe, which included a military vest. Well this week I continue on the fall theme with a post all about military jackets which are some of my favorite things to wear all fall long. I found this jacket at a great little boutique in Portland and I am obsessed. I love the look and I found 4 other military jackets you can shop below that are all under $100. I also will share a few different ways to style your military jacket! And now I’ll let the photos do ALL the talking!


_DSC7729 IMG_1313

My mom captured me playing with my nephew on the beach, it was just too cute of a photo to not share!


Jacket not available but similar Here !


Shop these 4 jackets that are ALL under $100!! See links below!

IMG_1343 IMG_1344



1. Volcom Jacket // 2. Nasja Jacket // 3. Revolve Jacket // 4. Rothco Jacket

How to style your Military Jacket:

Here are my 4 “Nailed It” looks!!

1. Plaid


2. Classic Stripe Look


3.  Military and Sequins


4. Leopard Print


Have a great weekend!



Fall Harvest Mood Board

Yesterday was the first day of fall! So happy that it is here, I know I’m trying to transition my home inside and out to look more fall. I thought it would be fun to do a fall mood board with a few fun fall ideas and things that I am loving right now about fall. No pumpkin spice latte’s or boots, this mood board is all about home decor!

fall harvest mood board

I’d like to take a moment to talk about a few things in each picture. I’ll start in row one from left to right.

Row 1:

  • Pic #1- I love the use of mums on the front porch, if you live in an area where they won’t freeze they are a great addition to your outdoor decor.
  • Pic #2 -Being it’s apple harvest get outside and find a u-pick apple farm or your farmers market and get some freshly picked apples. I know it’s still my favorite time of year when my Dad brings home apples from our orchard.
  • Pic #3- Enjoy the fall leaves they turn quick!
  • Pic #4- Lanterns are not only for outdoors they can be used on your table for decorating. Pottery Barn has great fall decor especially their lanterns seen here! 

Row 2:

  • Pic #1- Invest in some great table settings! Pier 1 has some great stuff that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Check out their fall stuff here! 
  • Pic #2- This is my favorite fall wreath I’ve ever seen, it has feathers and I love me some feathers. Especially pheasant feathers. Check out this wreath at Pottery Barn here!
  • Pic #3- Head to the craft store pick up some gold leaf and have a ball with your pumpkins!

Row #3

  • Pic #1- Have fun with your fireplace mantel and add some fall decor.
  • Pic #2- A girl can dream, this outdoor fireplace is insane!
  • Pic #3- Tie your silverware up with a simple ribbon.
  • Pic #4- Invest in a good fall throw, like these here!

Hope you guys got some good ideas how how to decorate for fall and most importantly were inspired to get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall that awaits you!



Thai Chicken Quinoa Bowl

I just returned home from South Carolina and wanted a quick and healthy dinner, but also wanted something I could heat up tomorrow for lunch. Every week I make a big batch of quinoa to eat for breakfast so I figured lets try something with quinoa for dinner. I looked on pinterest and didn’t find anything that had enough veggies in the recipe so I created my own “Thai Chicken Quinoa Bowl”! It was delicious, but only problem was it was very hot today in Portland so trying to eat a hot meal for dinner was a bit of a struggle, can’t fall just come!!



  • 1 cup uncooked quinoa
  • 4 chicken breast, cubed
  • 3-4 chopped carrots
  • 1 large bell pepper or 4-6 small peppers
  • 1/3 cup shelled edamame
  • 1 bundle of green onions
  • 5 celery stalks
  • 1 tsp or more of chopped garlic
  • 1 tsp or more of ginger paste

Topped with:

  • lime wedge
  • 1/4 cup chopped almonds
  • canned mandarin oranges
  • unsweetened coconut flakes
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro


(I’m a Bob’s Red Mill fan! I also when feeling lazy use the pre cut garlic and the ginger paste. Don’t judge me I was tired and wanted a quick 30 minute meal.)


  • 2 tbsp sweet chili sauce
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp rice vinegar
  • 1 tsp peanut or almond butter
  • 1/2 lime, juice
  • feel free to add more garlic or ginger in here I also added some sriracha for spice


Chop chicken into small cubes, use one 1 tbsp of sweet chili sauce and a little garlic and ginger and place in wok and begin cooking. As chicken cooks prepare the quinoa according to directions.

While chicken and quinoa is cooking I chop up the vegetables and mix the dressing together. Once chicken is done remove from wok and place in bowl, then add your vegetables and your mixed dressing.  Once your vegetables are cooked stir the chicken back in.  Taste and season to your preference (add more peanut butter, sweet chili sauce, ginger whatever you like).

I eat my quinoa for breakfast so I usually make a big batch on sundays for this reason I just spoon in a few spoonfuls into a bowl then add the chicken and vegetable mixture on top. I then toss in the coconut flakes, oranges, cilantro and lime. Mix together and enjoy!

DSC08891 DSC08890

This is super easy can it can be eaten again for leftovers the following day! Have a great Monday!

Transitioning into Fall Fashion

The weather is slowly getting cooler, Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes are on the menu and I am longing for oversized sweaters. Fall is officially here! Naturally I have been playing in my closet, pulling out all my boots, sweaters, and jackets. However, I may have jumped the gun a little with the entire fall wardrobe, it has not been cold enough for me to wear practically any of if. I decided to go ahead and invest in a few basic pieces to help with the transition from summer to fall.

 Army Green Vest


I have a bit of an obsession with army green jackets. I can’t seem to pass them up while shopping. I have a little collection going that I desperately need to get under control. So when I came across an army green vest I had to have it. Since it was a vest not a jacket I could totally justify getting it, haha. I am loving it and can see myself wearing it a ton in the future. Find army vest here.  An alternative vest here.

Open Toe Booties


I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about these when I ordered them… but I love them! I have been wearing them non stop! They are perfect for transitioning in to the fall. They have the look of a bootie but the cut outs make them perfect for the in-between weather.  Find booties here.

 Fall Hat


I had ordered this hat during the summer, but the material was a bit heavy for the hot weather. I am super excited to finally get to wear it. It is going to be fun pairing this with fall looks. Find Hat Here.

Statement Clutch


I have been eyeing this clutch for awhile and I decided to finally pull the trigger. A statement clutch is another fun way to dress up any outfit. I debated between this and a camo clutch but finally decided on the leopard. This clutch can be found here, along with a lot of other print options. If you don’t want to invest so much in a statement clutch you can find a cute one here at a little better price point.

Camo Pant & Cozy Sweater

My go to fall outfit is a an oversized sweater and camo pants. It is easy, cute and more importantly it is super comfy.


A cozy sweater for fall is an absolute must! This sweater is Vince, which is probably my favorite designer. He can be on the expensive side, but I usually come across some great finds at Nordstrom Rack…so keep an eye out! It’s seriously awesome quality and great fit. I found a similar sweater at a better price point  here. 


Camo pants are my favorite. They can be used pretty much as a neutral, but can really bring a lot to a casual outfit. I wore out my previous pair so it was time for some new ones. I found these here. They only have a few select sizes left so I also found these  here. I am even thinking about getting the second pair as a back up, I love the coloring and the price isn’t bad.

Workout Vest

Soon enough it is going to be back to the treadmill so any item that keeps me running outside a little longer is a must.


I love this work out vest made by Zella. Jess talked about how much she liked Zella a few weeks ago, I’m just as big of fan. Lululemon is all the craze, but I tend to prefer Zella. It is great quality stuff, and even a little cheaper than Lulu! When I saw this vest I had to have it. I love running and hiking outside but the last couple weeks I have been needing an extra layer and this vest has been perfect for the fall weather. Find workout vest here.

Hope you all are as excited about Fall as I am!


Revamping Your Fireplace

We have a big fireplace in our rental house, the likelihood of us using the fireplace is low and I was getting SO tired of looking at the big bulky metal screen. My girlfriend Lydia was in town visiting and I was telling her how I needed to do something with our fireplace, she suggested candles. Why hadn’t I thought of that…. I decided I didn’t want to do all loose candles in the case that we did decide we want a fire and removing ALL of those candles would take forever. So I headed out to find a candelabra for the fireplace. The hardest part (next to cleaning out the old fireplace) was finding big grey candles to go in the candelabra apparently grey candles are hard to find. They ended up being the most expensive part of the whole revamp.





Here are a few more detailed shots, I added some mercury glass candle holders and included them in the fireplace. I’m still looking for a few more tall ones, but the right ones haven’t come my way quite yet. I will continue to search! I like the mixture of the candelabra, the candle holders and votives.

DSC08876 DSC08873 DSC08878

Here you can actually see the color of the candles, I love the color it goes perfectly with our couch and area rug.


Before and After: I feel like it makes our place look so cozy and homey !


Details: $20 Candelabra from Hobby Lobby, Martha Stewart Votives and Candle Holders (Wedding Presents), $12.99 Bed Bath & Beyond Grey Candles (I used a coupon so they weren’t as expensive).

All in all it was a under a $100 revamp and I love love love it!! Happy redecorating my friends.


My Top Beauty Products of the Year

Every year there is a new list with the top beauty products of the year. I am such a sucker for these lists! I end up with a huge cart of products, some of which I end up loving, but  hating the rest and throwing them out a few short months later. This year was no different. When the lists came out at the beginning of the year I once again went on a little shopping spree. The good news, I did find a few gems.

All these products I have been using for a few months and I am loving! They all are now part of my every day beauty routine.

Kerastase Initialiste



What It Is:

A hair strengthening scalp treatment. It claims to condition hair for stronger, shiner locks.

My Review:

I have been using this product for only 3 months and I am completely sold on it. I really wish I would have taken before and after photos. My hair is a lot stronger and has grown so much. It is the longest it has ever been.

How To Use It:

After every wash (usually only twice a week) I apply it to my roots, massage it in to my scalp then comb it through the rest of my hair. I just blow dry and style as usual after that.

Price: $61

Buy Kerastase here.

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe


What It Is:

A weekly self tanner lotion. It claims to delver a week long tan after one application, which develops in 3 hours with out streaking.

My Review:

I am a self proclaimed self tanner connoisseur. I avoid tanning beds at all costs, so self tanners are my best friend and I have tried them all! Xen-Tan is now one of my favorites and has been my go to all summer. I really like the color, it turns in to a nice medium bronze. It also has a  mild sweet smell which is a nice change from most other self tanners. It is tinted which makes applying it a breeze, I did not have any problems with streaking or blotching. I can also use this product on my face with no problems. Other products can cause me to break out but that has not been the case with this lotion.

How To Use It:

I use gloves while applying to avoid orange hands. There are actually a lot of great YouTube videos with tips and techniques for applying self tanners which is worth a watch I think. But I generously apply the lotion all over my body. I try to let it dry for an hour, but I usually don’t have that kind of time or patience so after 10 minutes I just throw on loose fitting clothes and call it good.

Price: $40

Buy Xen-Tan here.

Amazing Concealer


What It Is:

Full coverage, water-proof concealer that claims to make all skin imperfections disappear.

My Review:

Well it’s right in the name…this product is amazing! Funny, I had bought this along with everything else and had not got around to trying it out. When I went to visit a girlfriend she was raving about this new concealer she came across, I didn’t realize it was the same stuff I had bought! So I tried it out immediately when I got back home, and loved it. I now use it daily and am impressed with how well it covers and how long it stays on.

How To Use It:

Just like any other concealer, dot and blend.

Price: $42

Buy Amazing Concealer here.


Bobbi Brown BB Cream

Bobbi brown

What It Is:

Tented moisturizer which claims to… well, pretty much give you perfect skin. It seriously has a huge list of great things it does for your skin.

My Review:

I didn’t find most of the claims to be true, however I still love this product. I have been a loyal L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream user for a long time now, but this cream is like no other. I still use L’Oreal for every day, but when I want a little more coverage I turn to my Bobbi Brown BB cream. During the summer months I don’t use much foundation, so I was thrilled when this BB cream was nice and light but still could be built up to have great coverage and resemble foundation. It also has 35 SPF which a must for me.

How To Use It:

The beauty blender (pink egg shaped makeup sponge) works awesome for applying BB cream. It is quick, easy and blends perfectly.

See a previous post on beauty blender here.

Price: $44

Buy Bobbi Brown BB Cream here.

These products did not disappoint, even though some are a little spendy it is worth the splurge!


Fashion Friday Sweatshirt Style

It’s Fashion Friday Sweatshirt Style. It is finally here (well at least at the Oregon Coast) sweatshirt season. This makes me happy cause I love a cute sweatshirt and jeans as a casual outfit. I got to wear one yesterday in Portland, but of course it’ll be in the 90s again here this weekend so that didn’t last long. AND I will be heading to South Carolina for the next week and it is definitely not sweatshirt weather there. I got this sweatshirt this summer off of HauteLook for super cheap and I know you can’t find it online anymore, however the good news is this same brand has TONS of cute sweatshirts that are similar. I paired my outfit with some burgundy jeans from Stitch Fix (which by the way is so fun and amazing) and my new dolce vida booties I got at the Nordstrom anniversary sale!  I wore this outfit out to dinner in Cannon Beach then to a bonfire on the beach with family (a few photos of that are also included)!





My Mom happened to also be wearing her favorite fashionable sweatshirt! So we got a few photos together.


Shop these sweatshirts below

My Outfit: Mango Sweatshirt (REALLY CUTE AND VERY Similar HERE and HERE), Burgundy Jeans , Dolce Vida Booties, Pendleton Blanket , Cute Husband and Dog (not for sale)!

Sandy’s (Mom) Outfit: J. Crew Sweatshirt  , Paige Skinny Jeans, Tory Burch Sandals (similar ones here) , Michael Kors Purse 

Hope you guys have a great weekend, I’ll be in Columbia and Charleston South Carolina. Angela will be blogging for you guys on Monday and maybe a few more times next week! Woo-Hoo!




Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos you say? Yes they are my current obsession, I wish I would have found them earlier this summer and I would have been wearing them all summer long. I was at Lemon Grass Gifts (Kennewick WA) recently and found these little wonders. I am not a big fan of tattoos, nothing against those who have tattoos they just aren’t my thing. But what I do love about these tattoos is that you can use them as jewelry, they are metallic, and they wash off after 5 days. I had my younger cousin try them out first and then I was hooked. Here are a few pictures of how you can wear them on your arms. I also included a few more looks below. I use the brand called Lulu dk Tattoos you can shop them HERE and HERE! I also found another brand called Flash Tattoo that had some great ones. I loved the collection called Zahra (in fact I might order them).  Here is a few pictures of myself and my cousin Katie rocking our temporary tattoos.




IMG_0940noname-2 DSC08851


I love how these girls wear them on their back and all over their arms….

jJL9e4A metallic-temporary-tattoo-bundle-2-[2]-490-p

So obsessed LOVE LOVE LOVE! In other news we decided it was time to get a Facebook page. So please “like” us we will be doing some fun giveaways now through Facebook starting this fall.




Revamping Your Sideboard Table

Jay and I moved this summer from our downtown Portland apartment into a house. I was able to get some of my stuff out of storage from my home I owned in Kennewick 3 years prior. I was so excited to have my sectional couch back, my sideboard table, our glass top dining room table etc etc…. but what I hadn’t realized is that my taste has changed so much from when I bought all my home interior stuff when I was 24 years old.  So as we have been living in different apartments we have been trying to make use of the stuff Jay had prior to meeting me, my stuff I had bought, and then the stuff we have bought together (not to mention any items given to us by our parents). I was just feeling like nothing in our house went together and when I walked in the door I didn’t feel like an adult lived here. I still was feeling like I was living in house full of ikea, target, and ashley furniture. So as I have begun to get settled into our rental home I have started making little changes (under $100) to make our house start feeling a little more “adult like”.  One of the first item on my list to tackle was the table behind the couch (after finding new throw pillows for the couch). I would love to buy a new table, but that just isn’t’ going to happen. I decided to simply add two lamps and change up the color scheme of the table decor.

Before Picture:



After Picture:

DSC08831 DSC08826


I simply added two mercury glass lamps from hobby lobby that were on sale for 50% off. Then I opted for an assortment of silver frames I already had in different areas of the house. Some grey and blue glassybaby make an appearance, plus a beautiful orchid. I don’t do simple very well, so I’m in the process of learning that sometimes less is more.  I first redid the table with only 2 silver frames and the orchid and it seemed so empty so I added a few more picture frames. I have a serious addiction to buying picture frames, pictures cover our house. I haven’t lived in the same city as my family since I was 18 and Jay and I did long distance for 1.5 years so I always enjoyed decorating my home with photos of my family, friends, and loved ones who don’t live in the same city as me. And now it’s an addiction. Now I just need to get some new artwork for above the fireplace.

Shop two similar lamps HERE and HERE.

I also included a few different entry tables or behind the couch tables featuring the double lamp look. (They do simple better than I do!)

d871338ef8262bd221181ab31b538bef 67d35776bd8fca43b5a0d57222623541 f4e5cf6d491c67870447dbb2f765d33f 29330743fc228f1f2718a02dbaafaef4 faee25c338fbdfe6e507b94c475fe87a

Excited to revamp my fireplace and dining area next!



Cute Workout Outfit

This post is inspired by a friend of mine who recently went on an “active date”.  We were talking and she said what in the world do I wear on a date where we are hiking then heading to a brew pub…..umm welcome to my life. This is Jay and I’s typical date something active followed by lunch or a beer somewhere. While I was searching pinterest to try to send photos of what I would wear I couldn’t find anything. So while at the coast this week I decided to show off one of my favorite workout looks. I have been obsessed for the past year with patterned workout pants, so obviously I’m wearing them in my post. I also am a lover of the brand zella so most of my outfit is zella (and woo-hoo the items are on sale). I opted for a loose top with my printed pants and a cute little sweatshirt vest. For my hair I went with a “stylist ponytail”  and let a few pieces by my face down. I picked up these mirrored sunglasses a while ago at rite aid or somewhere random, like I said I’m a lover of cheap sunglasses. I think this look would be perfect for any “active date” but they are also just cute workout clothes or casual clothes to wear around! I own the zella top I’m wearing in both white and grey. It is a good purchase, I highly suggest!



My Mom caught me on my phone looking online trying to figure out some good “active poses”! I look so serious! But I loved this blue wall.


_DSC7801 _DSC7815


Zella Pants/ Zella Top/  Grey Vest (Similar Here)   Nike Free 5.0/ Mirrored Sunglasses

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll leave you with a photo of our family at the beach.


Graze Box

I’m writing you from the Oregon Coast with my family this week. Six adults, two 15 month old twins, and a dog in a 1600 sq ft condo! Close quarters for the family, but all in good fun. This week while on vacation I’ve been loving my  graze box   that I recently got in the mail. I thought I would share this awesome thing with you. I travel and am on the go so often, there is only so many protein bars I can handle. I started getting bored of protein bars and needed some new snacks and then I found this graze box idea and thought I would give it a try for all my time on the go and traveling.

Here is how it works! Go online and sign up (you get the first box free) and then choose the type of box you want. You can choose the nibble box or the calorie counter box which is the one I got. Once you fill everything out you get to go through all the snacks and select try or trash. I don’t think I made it through all the snacks, but non the less a week later……

The little box of treats gets delivered!


Open it to reveal all your snacks and the nutritional information on the custom made box for you!


A close up on all my snacks!


I am definitely sold on the idea and I signed up to get my graze  box every 2 weeks. It’s a fun little thing and the snacks are $6.50 for each box, which does seem spendy, but when compared to all the money I spend at trader joe’s it probably all equals out.

Have a great Wednesday. I’ll be back on Friday with lots of new photos from the beach!!



Mixing it up with Leopard & Plaid

I wanted to share a look that I am kind of obsessed with right now….leopard and plaid! A little unconventional, but I love how bold and fun it is. I am a huge lover of plaid to begin with, and I feel like this is a unique way to dress it up a bit.

leopard belt

The hubby and I went to dinner the other night to celebrate our anniversary (yay, 1 year down), so I decided to go ahead and try out this look. I had him snap a few shots of my outfit before we headed out…..He was pretty proud of himself so I told him I would be sure to include in the post that he was the photographer ;)


It was my first time paring these two prints, so I was a little hesitant to go balls to the wall with it. I also find these two patterns can be a bit heavy, and may work better in the fall or winter. So for this summer look I kept it pretty low key, with just a little bit of leopard showing and not putting the prints directly next to each other.



I paired this look with pretty casual jewelry. I love gold jewelry against leopard, so I stacked a few of my favorite gold bracelets and wore small hanging earrings.


These have been my go to heels all summer. They dress up any outfit and can add a bit of edginess. Oh, and most importantly they are super comfortable! I wore them to multiple weddings the last few months just for that reason. It is so nice to be able to dance the night away with out having to ditch the heels.

Leopard bra (similar) / Plaid shirt/ Boyfriend Jean/ Heels (on sale) 

These are a couple other looks I found online that I loved. I can’t wait to really start playing with this look more in the fall!

plaid scarf


I was once told by a girlfriend (who has the BEST style) not to worry about following the rules or what others think.  “If you like it, wear it.” I am finding this to be so true, and finding fashion to be way more fun.

Hope this inspires you guys to play around with prints and patterns a bit more.


Beer And Football Inspired Gift Basket



It’s football season and what a better way then to get your fellow football fans in the mood with a football themed gift basket. My  friend Annie inspired me to do a “30 before 30 list”, which is something I’ll post about soon. One of the items on my list was leaving a gift basket on a friends front porch. Well since Annie inspired me to do my “30 before 30 list” it only felt right that her and her husband were the recipients of the gift. Annie and I can not agree on college football (she’s a coug), but we do agree on the Seahawks. When I was in Mexico I purchased her a ridiculous Seahawks poncho as well as a Montreal one for Ang, don’t let me go shopping in Mexico after drinking, I end up buying silly stuff. Anyways, once I had the poncho I needed to design a gift basket around it.

What goes better than Seahawks, beer, appetizer items, and snacks? I found these fun beer plates at Crate and Barrel so those were for sure going to have to go into the basket; as well as beer (duh) and some yummy trader joe snacks. I found a cute little basket that I’m sure Annie can find use for again, I thought it would be a good indoor or outdoor basket!





Here are a few more items that you could include in your gift basket.



Shop these Crate and Barrel Plates Here




Go to your local brewery and pick up a growler!




How cool is this for tailgating? Love this cutting board you can shop that here!


Everyone needs a beer glass right!



I could totally go for this cute scarf! Shop here!



Every tailgater needs a BBQ set!


I could probably go on and on about all the cool Seahawks gear, but I need to unpack and get going! Enjoy your Wednesday, Ang will be posting her first “Fashion Friday” post this Friday! Go Hawks (and Huskies)!