Under Eye Dark Circle Relief 



Skin care for me is something I don’t skimp on. You can catch me in forever 21 or H&M clothes, but you will never catch me cutting corners and going cheap on skincare. I think spending money on good face creams and facials is an investment you won’t regret and you’ll be thankful when you are 70 and still look 45! I think our skin is the most important thing and why not be proactive and get ahead of wrinkles, lines, and sun damage. This is why I can’t stress ENOUGH the importance of sunscreen. Sun damage causes aging, wrinkles, sun spots, the list goes on and on so don’t mess around and layer on that sun screen. Thankfully the beauty industry has created amazing self tanners and body makeup. Ang and I both love a good self tanner and I am not against using my body makeup to make my legs look tanner. Lastly, if you are some of those people using a tanning bed you need to STOP, not only to help your skin from aging, but because of the scary thing called skin cancer. If you want to read more about skin cancer and why protecting your skin from the sun should be your #1 priority click here. Ok…. back to the post!

As I’ve gotten older I have realized my dark circles under my eyes are getting darker and darker. I take skin care seriously (as you heard above) and I decided I wanted to get ahead of this problem and start treating it. I started doing some research and talking to beauty experts and came upon these 5 items (I need to reorder the 5th one)  that have helped me get a grip on my dark circles. I have been using both serums for about 4 weeks now and I have noticed a huge difference. I wish I would of taken photos a few weeks ago. I have always used an eye cream, but decided it was time to add in some other ingredients to help fight the dark circles. If you have problems with dark circles like me I have outlined some items you should be adding to your regiment or double checking your eye creams to see if these ingredients are listed.

Eye Cream 101

Hyaluronic Acid- Keeps skin plump by helping retain water under our eyes and works as a wonderful moisturizer. The truth is everyone looks better with hydrated skin, so the first step for your eye cream is make sure it is hydrating!

Vitamin C- Vitamin C has antioxidants and antioxidants are so good for the skin. They help banishes dark circles by increasing the amount of collagen in your skin, which plumps and tightens your skin. It also helps protect skin against sun damage, and we all know what sun damage does…. ages skin and make your dark circles look even darker.

Peptides- Peptides can boost collagen productions, it is good to start using peptides around your late 20’s to early 30s when you see your skin isn’t as firm as it used to be. I personally am not ready for botox just yet so peptides help with smoothing out wrinkles. They also help with firmness and keeping your skin looking young.

Caffeine- Caffeine’s ability to constrict small blood vessels and reduce inflammation is an asset in a number of eye creams.  Caffeine helps minimize dark circles and sagging skin under the eyes. It not only constricts blood vessels to reduce redness it also reduces puffiness, which is perfect.

My Dark Circle Combat Cocktail:

Janssen Eye Cream–  Smoothes and protects. I use this every night and sometimes during the day. This is the ideal treatment also for dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal– I use this at night, Vitamin C is great for your skin. But once it’s exposed to light it breaks down, so you should be using your Vitamin C at night. I got this product at Target, and it can be used all over the skin not just under eyes.

Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Eye Serum– Ok so this is an expensive serum, and I’m sure if you did some research you could find something more affordable, but I love it and for me it does the trick. This serum has everything, peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants. I use this every morning and sometimes at night. I not only use this under my eyes, but I use it my forehead. I am a brow furrow-er, so I have some deep lines happening. I have also noticed this eye serum has been helping these lines as well. Make sure to let it dry before putting on eye cream or your daily SPF face lotion.

100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream– We know the benefits of caffeine not only to help wake us up in the morning, but for also waking up our skin. I put this eye cream on after my Trish McEvoy serum, to help reduce redness and get rid of those dark circles. I get this off of amazon and I seem to burn through it.

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener – Ok so this is the best under eye concealer I’ve ever used. I use a different concealer for blemishes and reserve this just for under my eyes. I love how smooth it goes on and the coverage it gives. I did a little tutorial for you guys below on how to apply concealer. This triangle technique has made a huge difference in the appearance of dark circles.

How To Apply Concealer To Eliminate Dark Circles

Ok folks… disclaimer I tried to take some photos, but it was a little odd taking tutorial photos and grouping them together. But hey you guys have been asking for tutorials and doing a video is just way to far out of my comfort zone. So we will start here and you get your first makeup tutorial. I discovered this triangle way to apply concealer a few months ago and I have noticed such a difference. The triangle shape helps off set the circle shape of your dark circles. I use a brush to get into the corners then after I am done with the brush I take my index finger and blot and blend it in so the concealer isn’t stuck in your fine lines.

dark circles

This felt like I was writing a report for school so much info, but it is important to know what you are putting on your skin.




Boyfriend Jeans and Camo

Nothing too fancy for todays fashion friday post, just a casual day to day look. My sister is here visiting with here two boys so this is what I wore for a day of sight seeing.


I am in love with boyfriend jeans… so freakin comfortable! I never want this look to go out of style. These are my all time favorite heels because I can wear them for hours with no pain. The thicker heel and the loose fit around the toes make them worth every penny I paid for them.


My everyday Kooba purse.


Really casual on the jewelry front as well. The watch as well as the bracelets are fossil.


Everything is older so here are similar items: Camo Jacket // Boyfriend Jean// White Tee // heels // Handbag


Lastly, here is a picture of my nephew out sightseeing in Old Montreal. Go Habs Go!





How To Get Your Hair Healthy


You can’t imagine the joy I get from social media comments, text messages, or email when people say things like, “major hair envy”, “please do a tutorial on how you curl your hair” or “I love your hair”. These are the biggest compliment I have received in a long time because for the first time in 5 years I don’t have hair extensions in and it’s all my natural hair. The truth is I have never had good hair…. like ever! If I go back through all my “favorite” photos from high school and college my hair is usually pulled up or cut pretty short. I remember being in Italy in college and a man telling me that my hair looked like spaghetti. I asked why and he said, cause it is so thin and stringy. Needless to stay I wore it up the rest of my Europe trip. I looked back at old photos trying to post a good before and after. I have so many “before” pictures that are cringe worthy although I am sharing a few with you so you can see how big of a difference my hair is today. I have been through it all with my hair and quite frankly I was to blame for never having healthy hair.  But changing up your hair habits will help you get your hair back on track. Since I have had friends and followers asking about my hair I thought I’d share with you my hair story and this embarrassing before and after hair photos. EEEWWWW, what was I thinking with that brown reddish color.


As seen from my sorority photo above I’ve had bad hair in every color. I so badly wanted long beautiful hair so I’d try to grow it out, but it was so thin and disgusting then I’d trying dyeing it a new color. I wouldn’t like that, I’d bleach back blonde, my hair would literally start falling out then I would cut it short and then “start growing it out again”. That was my hair cycle from age 15-24. Finally I had “had it” I was tired of everyone having good hair but me. So in 2010 when I finally had a “big girl job” I started getting hair extensions. I don’t even want to think about the money spent over the past 4 years on hair extensions, thankfully I had an awesome hair dresser who gave me a good deal. I would get keratin bond extensions put my hair twice a year. They usually lasted for about 4-5 months. I rarely could go without them because the minute I got them taken out I felt bald and would beg my hair dresser to put them back it in. I can honestly say I felt more confident and beautiful with my long thick (fake) hair. Finally after a good 2.5 years straight of having my hair extensions in my hair dresser Heather told me I needed to take a “break” or I would have no hair left to attach the extensions to. So I went from finally having beautiful long hair back to my short “spaghetti” hair yet again. As you can see in the photo below…..


I took a break for almost 9 months then it was about time for my wedding and I didn’t care about the hair I’d lose after taking the extensions out, all I wanted was long thick hair for my wedding. So back in went the extensions. But like usual I took them out and the damage was noticeable. I decided I was an extension addict and I needed to quit. To help ease the pain of losing my long think hair I bought some clip in extensions from Sally’s. I wore them for almost 6-8 months every time we went out to dinner, girls night out, or on vacation, etc. But then slowly I realized my hair was getting longer and thicker. And now almost a year later I rarely wear my clip ins because my hair has gotten so long and healthy. But on occasion I do wear them cause I  love how thick they make my hair feel. Side note If you are looking for some clip ins I know Ang and myself both have these Sally’s Real Hair Extensions , they last forever and are super easy to use and wear. But make sure you go into a store so you can physically match your color hair to the color of the hair extensions.

So enough about my crappy hair….how did I get my hair healthy and long for the first time ever? I think a lot has to do with the styling tools I use and the simple changes I made with my hair care routine. Here are a few things I suggested doing to get your hair back on track or at least on the right track.

  • QUIT COLORING it every 6-8 weeks. I used to be a super blonde and would color my hair all the time. Not to mention I would color my hair red or brown, then dye it back to bleach blonde. It wasn’t good. My hair was constantly being dyed and because of that it was brittle and thin. Now I’ve embraced my more “natural” hair color. As well as the balayage colored look.
  • Stop washing it everyday, this doesn’t mean stop showering everyday.  I now only wash my hair every 2-3 days. If I can handle every 3 days that is more ideal, but with working out I sometimes can’t do it.
  • Invest in a good blow dryer. I usually let my hair air dry until it is just barely damp, then I use my Tourmaline Hair Dryer. I did a lot of research on the best hair dryers for brittle hair. This one was the best hands down. It has some crazy ion thing and helps with breakage and not further hair damage. Click this link to learn more about it! Another huge thing is NEVER blow dry your hair on hot. I only use the medium or cool heat setting. Because I allow my hair to mostly air dry I only have to blow it dry for 2-3 minutes on medium.


  • I also invested in a ceramic round brush, because I am not blow drying my hair for very long I needed a brush to assist with the taming of my hair (I have a weird cowlick on the back of my head so it needs some taming). I found this Nanothermic Ceramic Brush that has done wonders to my hair. The link will explain more of the science behind this brush. My Mom switched her round brush out for this one a few weeks ago and she has already noticed less breakage and split ends since using her Nanothermic brush.
  • Suck it up and spend the money to buy the Kerastase Initialiste. Ang blogged about this a year ago and my Mom bought me a bottle. Ang swears by it, but Ang has always had good hair….(Except for that ONE time in high school before the Sadies dance when a waiter spilled an entire bowl of soup on her hair and she had greasy miso soup hair for the dance and photos:). Anyways…. I have been using it for almost 6 months and my hair is NIGHT and DAY different. I also bought this hair mask from Kerastase and it also is amazing. I use it about once a month.


  • If you are going to curl your hair use a hair wand. My friend Katie introduced me to this Jose Eber Hair Wand. It’s expensive, but it is made well so it reduced the heat and breakage on your hair. Also the best part about it is that the curls last for 2-3 days. I only curl my hair once with this and even after sleeping and wearing it in a ponytail the curls stay. I think it partly has to do with the hairspray I use. I’ve been using “big sexy hair” since college and it is the best hairspray ever. Hands down!
  • Buy a teasing comb, I don’t curl my hair everyday. This is because I also don’t brush the curls out. I use a teasing brush to loosely comb my hair and tame the curls. The only time I completely brush through my hair is when I’m blow drying it. This prevents me from pulling out my hair with a regular hair brush.
  • Make sure your multi vitamin has biotin or get a biotin supplement. The link explains why biotin helps with hair growth.

These little changes I’ve made over the past year has changed my hair entirely. I finally have long healthy REAL hair and I love it! I think the biggest thing is to be careful about exposing your hair to heat products and also not dyeing it as much. Hope these tools and tips I shared will help you with your hair regiment.



Spring Foyer Decor

Well things have been pretty busy here lately. We are gearing up for playoffs in our house, so every thing revolves around hockey even more than usual. I have family coming in this week which will be fun.  Playoff hockey in Montreal is quite the experience, I am sure they are going to love it. Good timing too since spring has finally sprung here, looking forward to spending a lot of time outdoors with them.  So since it is feeling more and more like spring outside I wanted to bring that feeling inside as well by sprucing up our entryway.


I like to switch out our entryway decor with the different seasons…I will try to remember to a post when I change it up in the fall and again in the winter. But this is what I have going on for spring/summer.


I love having a tall vase that I can easily switch out artificial flowers, twigs, and sticks to fit the different seasons.


Same goes with this pillow and blanket. For the holidays I just swap it for a red blanket and it totally transforms the look.


Having fresh flowers in the house is a guilty pleasure of mine. Which at times can get a little expensive, so I always try to pick up something like carnations each time I am at Costco. I think they are only like 10 bucks, and they last a pretty long time.


Everything you see here literally came from Home Goods / TJ Max. I am kind of obsessed with faux head mounts, I love this one which was actually was part of holiday decor at Home Goods. We loved him so much though we keep him up year round.



Bold, Bright, Pink


Sometimes we all need to add some color to our closet. Not just any color but a bright bold color like this fuchsia blouse!! And nothing says I’m ready for spring like a hot pink shirt and a field full of tulips! I’m also sharing a few more photos than I normally would  but the backdrop was a dream! Plus my husband was practicing with my camera and we were having way too much fun!


I picked up two of these silk scarf for myself and my Mom in Barcelona Spain. This is actually the scarf I had bought for my Mom, but it went better with this outfit so I borrowed it before I even gave it to her. The print was so gorgeous and the flower theme really went well with our backdrop.


Jay had switched his days at work so he had a random weekday off and we decided to venture to the tulip fields in Woodburn. Weekdays at the tulip fields is the way to go, we literally had the fields to ourselves, which made from prime photo fun. I couldn’t believe the beautiful sunny day we were having in April AND the lack of crowds at the place!


I had originally hoped to wear white jeans and wedges, but it had rained the day prior and I knew what rain and tulip fields would produce…. a lot of mud!  I was raised as a farm girl so I know when it’s muddy you best put on your boots so you don’t ruin a good pair of shoes. With that decided I put on a pair of dark denim and my favorite leather Frye boots that I could easily wipe the mud off. But I can’t wait to wear this outfit this summer with white jeans and sandals!


I even had some fun wearing some lighter colored  makeup, I used a light pink eyeshadow on the tops of my eyes as well as in the corners of my eyes. I also used my pink blush that I usually never am brave enough to wear. And I finished my soft makeup look off with a light pink Revlon Colorburst Balm and a clear gloss.

VX2A1244   VX2A1268

Shop This Look Below:

Nordstrom Shirt // J. Crew Jeans // Frye Boots // Scarf (Similar Here)

Ok and now I have to share with you a few photos from the fields! I had to pinch myself when we could see Mt Hood so clearly on this beautiful 65 degree Oregon day!





Oatbox Breakfast Cookies

Montreal’s weather is finally turning around thank God…I felt like if we had one more snow fall I was going to loose it. One good thing with the crap weather though, I stayed in and did a lot of cooking.


Last week we shared with you Oatbox…an all natural breakfast cereal subscription service that we both have been loving. I have been using the cereal for pretty much everything, with yogurt and berries, on top of crepes for a little crunch, I even put together a recipe for breakfast oat cookies using outbox cereal.



  • 2 bananas, mashed
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 2 cups oatbox cereal (whichever flavor you prefer)
  • 1/4 cup rasins
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Combine all ingredients in a medium sized bowl. Form a small ball in your hands then on a greased cookie sheet press the ball to form the shape of a cookie. Bake in the oven for around 15 minutes or until oats turn a golden brown.

Makes 12 cookies


Super yummy and easy to grab on the go on busy mornings.



Tomato Salad And A (Quick) Spain Trip Review!

I was in Spain a few weeks ago and experienced the best tomato salad. I literally had this salad almost every single day, it was so simple and delicious I thought I would share it with you. As BBQ season is upon us this is a perfect side dish. Spain didn’t disappoint in it’s sights as well as it’s food!

Tomato Salad



  • Tomatoes (I used regular and cherry)
  • Avocado
  • Arugula
  • Shaved Parmesan Cheese
  • Olive Oil and Balsamic
  • Salt and Pepper


Directions:  Lay down arugula on the bottom layer, add tomatoes that you have cut into 1/4s, and the cubed avocado. Over the top of the salad add in some graded parmesan cheese. Finish the salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper.

Now for a Spain Review!! I had a great 10 days traveling throughout Spain so I thought I’d share with you some highlights and photos from the trip. We ventured to 4 different cities throughout Spain, via train. I recommend anyone going to Europe to buy a Rick Steves book. I’ve bought his books on every country I’ve traveled to in Europe and they haven’t disappointed. His tips have always made our travels smooth sailing.

Granada- Charming town the main attraction is the Alhambra (a moorish palace). Which truly is one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. IMG_5288 DSC09807 DSC09833 IMG_0248

Sevilla– My favorite city we visited on this trip and one of my favorite cities in Europe. It truly is the “soul of Spain”. I could try and explain to you why I loved Sevilla so much but I just can’t. The city is truly alive! DSC09927 IMG_5540IMG_5575 DSC09866 DSC09909

Madrid– Madrid reminded me so much of Paris, a small Paris. Great art museum, grand avenues, beautiful royal place and a great nightlife scene. IMG_5759 IMG_5673

Barcelona– Jay’s favorite city and my second favorite of the trip. We both fell in love with the city and mostly Gaudi’s architecture. Sagrada Familia church is my favorite sight I saw on this trip as well as my favorite church I’ve ever seen in Europe. We were both so blown away by it. If you visit make sure you reserve online to go up to the towers and walk down them, the views are amazing and the walk down the dizzying staircase is something I surely won’t forget. DSC09997 IMG_5812IMG_5855DSC00056 DSC00078 IMG_5920 IMG_6028

And lastly my favorite “selfie stick” photo of the trip! IMG_5979

Cheers and Happy Travels,


Casual Friday

For day to day fashion I am very casual. When I am out running around usually my biggest concern is being comfortable. With the weather in Montreal it is not really worth getting dressed up because you rarely take off your parka! Though, we are suppose to be getting some beautiful spring weather today, thank the lord!


This is a pretty typical look for me. Leggings and a leather jacket is so easy to throw on and you can pair with literally anything.


I got these Vans a couple months ago and have been living in them since. They seem to be a fan favorite, I get complimented on them every time.


This is my all time favorite wallet. If you are a girl who has their wallet loaded with anything you could ever possibly need like me, then you know how hard it is to keep a wallet organized and in good condition. So I finally invested in this wallet 4 YEARS AGO and it is still going strong.  It is a little on the expensive side, but with not having to buy a new wallet every year I am actually saving money now. Love it, can’t say enough good things about it.


Vans Shoes  // Leggings // Plaid T-shirt (similar) // White Tank  // Leather Jacket (similar) // Alexander Wang Wallet 

Have a great weekend friends,


Oatbox Recipes


Ang introduced us all Monday to Oatbox and the wonderful product it is. I have been loving having this granola in our house, more importantly my Husband has loved being my guinea pig as I have tested out different recipes. These two recipes are my favorite thus far. You don’t always have to be as fancy as these recipes, I have been making my husband a quick snack of greek yogurt, any berries or fruit i have in the house, and some oats on top. It’s a quick and delicious meal you can grab when running out of the house! I highly recommend Oatbox and I love that you can skip shipments and there is no contract. I know personally two full size bags have lasted us two months, but we will be ready for another shipment soon! Here are my two favorite recipes, I hope you enjoy!!

Recipe #1 – Banana Rolled In Peanut Butter and Molasses, Banana, & Pecan Halves Granola VX2A1023

Ingredients: (Serves 2)

  • 1 Banana
  • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter or almond butter
  • 1/4 cup OatBox Molasses, Banana, & Pecan Halves Granola
  • 1/4 (ish) cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Optional: Raspberries *I never use recipes I cook by taste so feel free to add more or less of the oats and peanut butterVX2A0991

Directions: Cut Banana in two halves. Spread peanut butter over the banana. Roll in OatBox oats. Serve with vanilla yogurt and raspberries. I made this for my husband and I as a snack over the weekend. It was very filling and was enough food for two of us. Not only do adults love this, but this would be a great healthy snack to serve to kids. This granola tastes great and my girlfriend a registered dietitian looked at the back of the box and said it had one of the lowest amount of sugar (9 g per serving) she has ever seen in a granola. She was super impressed with the ingredients in the granola and how healthy it was. So not only is it tasty, but it’s also healthy! Win Win!

Recipe #2 – Earl Grey, Chia, Quinoa Souffle and Orange Oat Parfait



  • 1/4 Cup Earl Grey, Chia, Quinoa Souffle, and Orange Granola
  • 1/4 Cup Honey Greek Yogurt
  • 1/4 of a Mango, cubed
  • Sprinkle of Unsweetened Dried Coconut Flakes


Directions: Layer the granola, yogurt, mango, and coconut flakes into a cute little mason jar. Keep layering until you have filled the cup. This one is super simple!



OatBox Cereal

You can literally have everything delivered right to your house these days…even your breakfast.


Oatbox is a subscription service that delivers two seasonally-inspried, artisan granola mixes to your house once a month. The granola is hand crafted with natural healthy ingredients. Jess and I were both super excited to receive our boxes. It is hard to find a good pre made granola that is not loaded with sugar! We both have been having some fun creating recipes with the cereal that we will be sharing with you over the next couple weeks.


What you get in your Box:

  1. Two bags, containing about 8 portions
  2. Two different mixes
  3. A glass jar with your first order

Oatbox is made right here in Montreal, so you can feel good about  supporting a local business. Something else you can feel good about…they are partners with The Breakfast Club of Canada, a foundation that is very close to Carey and I’s heart.


For each box they ship a child will be given a full breakfast at school. Not only are you making sure you get a healthy breakfast, you are also making sure a child in need receives a healthy breakfast.

Don’t worry for those of you who are in the states, Oatbox delivers through out Canada and the US. If you subscribe let us know if you love this breakfast granola as much as we do, and keep an eye out for our recipes.

Have a great monday…hope some of you are enjoying sun shine, sure isn’t the case in Montreal :(


Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim


Wonder how to mix denims? Don’t want to show up looking silly in a canadian tuxedo (sorry to our canadian friends that’s what we call it)? I decided to attempt the look of mixing denims. The first rule to mixing denims is to make sure the colors are different. This outfit works because the jacket is light and the jeans are dark. i.e  this chambray looking jacket with dark washed jeans. I kept this look very paired down with a simple grey tank, layered necklace, and peep toe heels. You could go  more “bold” with the look and add in a striped shirt or a bright color under the jacket. But just be sure to not get carried away, you are already mixing two different types of denims, the last thing you need is to add any more busy patterns.


My girlfriend Gwen got me this beautiful necklace for my birthday it is so simple and I love it! I love layering it with my other gold necklace creating more layers! Ladies, I suggest investing in a layered necklace. I took this one to Spain with me last week and it went from being worn with jeans and a tee to being paired with a black dress. It truly is the perfect necklace for travel and for summer! Thanks again GWEN!!


Look 2– There are a few subtle changes in this outfit. The shoes and statement necklace are the biggest ones. Mostly I wanted to take some photos of the magnolia tree blooming in our yard. It is so pretty I can’t help myself from taking a billion photos!


Speaking of more birthday love… my girlfriend Kari got me this statement necklace. I love pairing it with all this denim to create a little “fancier look”!

VX2A0837 VX2A0842

Shop This Look:

BB Dakota Jacket // Dark Jeans // Peep Toe Shoes // Layered Necklace  

Ok back to the blooming trees…. I have to share with you some of my iPhone photos! I have been walking around my neighborhood daily taking photos! I have snuck into peoples yards to get the perfect iPhone pic…. I probably look so silly, but oh well there is no shame in my game! The pictures are totally worth it.


I feel like the pictures don’t even do justice to how beautiful the trees are. I have never been a big lover of spring, I’ve always been a fall kinda girl. But I truly fell in love with spring this season. Mostly because I think this is the first time I’ve ever lived in a neighborhood where every single house has multiple flowering trees. I couldn’t get enough and neither can my poor mother. I think I send her 10 photos a day of these beautiful trees.

Cheers and Happy Friday,

Full Body Circuit Workout

When I was home for a visit a couple weeks ago I couldn’t get over how great my sister looked. She had lost quite a bit of weight and is the thinest I have seen her in years. She has been doing a women’s fitness group for a few months, so obviously I had to try it out while I was in town. I quickly found out how she got in such great shape, these classes are no joke!

There was one workout that I particularly liked that got me sweating like crazy. This is a workout I will do again and again. It doesn’t require any equipment so you could literally do it anywhere. The trainer was nice enough to let me steal it and share with all of you. If there are any moves you are not familiar with you can just google it.

Killer Workout

I can’t wait to go to more of these classes next time I am in town. If you are in the Tri-City area you should check them out. Sara Howell is the trainer and does an awesome job keeping you motivated and keeps the classes fun. For more information check out their website Washington Women’s Wolfpack  or visit their Facebook page.

See you there next time I am in town!


Throw Pillows and Blankets

So it is officially spring! The trees are blooming and it was nearly 70 degrees a few weeks ago….. but now the weather has turned back into rain and 50 degrees in Portland. With a trees abloom I can’t help but get into spring cleaning mode. With that comes changing out my throw pillows around the house. I love how changing the throw pillows and blankets can totally change the vibe of a room. I am a fan of throw pillow, thankfully I have a large shelving area in my guest room that allows me to store them. I can’t help but to pick up new ones almost every time I enter a Crate and Barrel, Target, Z Gallerie, or Pier 1! To demonstrate the changes throw pillows and blankets can make to a room I took some photos of different arrangements.

Winter Pillows: Agh as much as I hate to admit this…. my living room was totally coug colors….(crimson and grey) this winter. For our readers in Canada and around the globe, I’m referring to the my college rival the Washington State Cougars (and this is the school that Ang attended)! I went to the college on the other side of the state, University of Washington and we are rivals.  So having a Coug colored living room is a bit hard for me and my entire Husky family. BUT I’ll admit it…. the cougs have a good color scheme. And let’s face it a purple and gold living room would just look ridiculous. VX2A0346

I also have a few different throws that I drape over the back of the couch, it adds and changes the look of the room as well.   VX2A0351

Spring Pillows: I got these at Target this winter, I have been just waiting to use them. I love the feather one! I also love the added color they bring to the room that isn’t represented as seen in the blue, mint green, and yellow. This spring I also went away from the crimson color and embraced more of a true red. VX2A0336

I picked up this lumbar pillow at the same time. I love mixing different patterns and prints. This is an example of a lot of mixing, I think it works well because the designs of the pillows are very simple. If you tried to mix too many patterns and colors it would be a major fail. So try to stick to simple patterns if you want to bring in more color.


Changing It Up: While I was taking some photos I decided to play around with the different pillows. This is the fun of having a ton of throw pillows you can mix and match. Whenever you are feeling tired of your living room, simply changing around the pillows in the room can make a big difference. I am not staying all of these “work”, but I’m showing you how they change the vibe of the room. VX2A0357 VX2A0356 VX2A0360

Throws – Go back through the photos above, did you see how I not only changed the pillows but I also changed the throws. I love having throws that have texture instead of patterns and lots of color, as you can see I’m a big fan of the faux fur look! I have a basket next to the couch where I keep all my different throws. They work for not only changing the look of the sofa, but they are also great when you get a little chilly! VX2A0329

Now friends go hit up Target, Pier1, or crate and barrel and update your throw pillows and blankets in your living room. Here are few of my favorite pillows this spring!

Unknown 2898722_1


Pillow 1 // Pillow 2 // Pillow 3 // Pillow 4 

Cheers, Jess

Spring is almost here…right?!

The weather in Montreal has been anything but spring like, I am hoping/praying things turn around here soon. However, one benefit of being cooped up in the house is that it gives me plenty of time for online shopping. I put a list together of recent purchases and a few things currently in my cart that are getting me excited for the warmer weather. Spring Fashion

The pumps and white jeans I currently have. I love them both. If you are in need of some basic nude pumps these Steve Madden ones are perfect and at a decent price point. The distressed white Jeans I went ahead and splurged and got the Frame ones and so happy I did. They are sooo comfortable! Note, going up one size when buying white pants is always a good idea.

1. Nude Pumps  Splurge // Save

4. Distressed White Denim  Splurge // Save

After Jess’s post about her floral bomber jacket I decided I need a spring jacket, this one from Urban Outfitters is ideal for my style, I can’t wait to get it.

2. Bomber Jacket Splurge // Save

Super cute handbag…can never have enough of those.

3. Spring Hand Bag  Splurge // Save

I have been lusting over these Dita sunglasses for almost a year now. Not sure if I am going to bite the bullet and get them… maybe hint around to my hubby for a birthday gift.

5. Oversized Avaitors  Splurge // Save

Floral pants!! I am in love with these! This is the one piece I am probably most looking forward to wearing this spring.

6. Floral Pant Splurge // Save

Hope it is feeling more like spring where you are,


Ear Cuff and Hairstyles


I love a little ear cuff bling here and there! It really can add an edgy look to your traditional black jacket and graphic tee. I mostly love wearing it because I get to try different hair styles to show it off! I thought I’d put a little post together about the ear cuff and hairstyles that can compliment the cuff!

VX2A0943 VX2A0940

Side note I tried a more serious look… I looked plain silly. I can’t figure out all those closed mouth smiles and faces. Guess I need to spend some time taking some selfies. In full disclosure my husband ordered us a selfie stick  for our trip to Spain.. So if you follow C+S on instagram (you should be)… I’m sure you’ll be seeing some of those awesome selfie stick pictures. I’m so embarrassed to use it, I think I’m going to have to drink some Spainish wine before we bust it out!



The F+A shirt I’m wearing is still available online (here), I love this undershirt it’s a staple in my closet!

Let’s Shop Ear Cuff’s! All these options are under $50 and there a few are only $5 from forever 21. This is another example of a “trendy” style…  I don’t like to spend a lot of money on “trendy” styles as they come and go. This is why I love Zara, H+M, and Forever 21!

52289159-02 33687567_070_b024576999506_main32911109_007_b

Ear Cuff  1 // Ear Cuff 2  // Ear Cuff 3  // Ear Cuff 4 


Hairstyles- Here are some hairstyles to try with the ear cuff! I love the braided look. I also included some “simple looks”!

Beatnik-braid c82506fee3a70a18b249e44416d31cdf 042914-sophia-bush-jewelry-594 886627884a40a33878fabf266bdc74c7 3d8a77b51df2e19260ff2f354c9c1450